About Me

Student studying botany at HSU and a freelance illustrator on the side. 

Throughout my schooling years, I have studied music (violin), Russian language, rock climbing, botany and a vast amount of other  interests, but the one thing I always brought to every single one of those interests was drawing. 

When I began my botany degree, I had to learn how to think critically and use problem solving skills to make it through math, chemistry, physics and every other course required in botany, which was difficult because I had been studying music for nine years and never had to worry about calculating the velocity and surface area of my bow and violin. My saving grace was drawing. Being able to draw detailed diagrams of cellular processes and chemical reactions was the thing that allowed me to keep my head above the water while taking those courses and remains a helpful tool in the courses I am currently in.  

Illustrator & Graphic Designer studying botany at Humboldt State University

I have been drawing for all of my life, but my illustration and graphic design career didn't begin until fairly recently. In the summer of 2013 I began working at Marin Roots Farm, in the Bay Area, helping with plant propagation as well as selling produce at markets. The owner's signs were usually made from ripped sections of brown paper bags, so he asked me to help design new, cleaner, signs for all of his produce. Twenty or more design samples later we decided on chalkboard signs and production began for over 100+ produce items. Having my signs displayed at the markets began catching the eye of local chefs around the area and I soon found myself work for Fish in Sausalito and twoXsea in San Francisco.  

Along with illustration and design, I am also a student at Humboldt State finishing up my undergraduate degree in Botany. Plants are absolutely amazing in every imaginable way and illustrating them is even more amazing. I've found, throughout my academic life in biology, that illustration is a very handy tool to have. Being able to draw detailed, biological processes (photosynthesis, meiosis, mitosis, etc.)  allowed me to solidify my understanding of said processes and pass particularly difficult classes.  

I've been asked before whether or not I will decide on pursuing science or art, but in all honesty I feel that the balance I have struck between the two will allow me to pursue them equally, which I intend on doing. 


Botanical field work in Virginia 2014

Botanical field work in Virginia 2014