The Artist

Photography by James Adam Taylor ( )

Photography by James Adam Taylor (

Bishop has been drawing and exploring artistic mediums most of her life, but took to scientific illustration during her academic career as a botany student at Humboldt State University. After receiving her BS in botany she applied and was accepted into CSU Monterey’s Science Illustration Graduate Program. During her time in Monterey she explored her love of lichens and bryophytes and worked hard to develop her ornithological illustrative skills. She eventually went on to work at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology as a Bartels Science Illustrator where she currently still resides as a professional illustrator and is working hard to develop her teaching skills through classes and workshops.

Though her background is in botany her work covers a variety of topics ranging from catalytic chemical reactions to the lifecycles of different bird species. She aims to use her art as a means to communicate scientific information, spark curiosity within the public and show that art plays an important roll within the sciences.